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About Elsmat

Elsmat conservation technologies (u) ltd

Who We Are?

Elsmat conservation technologies (u) ltd (Elsmat) is an intergrated multidisciplinary Firm established in 2018, legally registered and incorporated 0n 3rd March 2020 to transact businesses. At Elsmat conservation technologies we believe that sustainable utilization of natural resources and the environment must be at the centre of any environmental management approach and poverty reduction strategy coupled with practical technology solutions and development process. Elsmat conservation Technologies is an enterprise engaged in providing full scale range of energy saving solutions using innovations while securing a well protected and conserved environment. We have got products and services like Energy Saving Cook stoves, Briquettes, fire starters and services like entrepreneurship hands on training and skilling, fabrication of briquettes machines, construction of institutional energy saving cook stoves, solar driers, biogas, smart agriculture, consultation and other renewable energy saving solutions. Elsmat conservation technologies ensures safety and health of children and women by leading the transition from wood and wood charcoal that has escalated deforestation and caused indoor air pollution (AIP) to a green, eco-friendly, safe, clean and smoke free energy saving solutions that averts negative effects of climate change. Elsmat conservation technologies are directly involved in a forestation programmes in a bid to protect and conserve the environment to elicit un favorable climatic changes. This is done through making nursery beds of tree seedlings, voluntarily distributing them and giving technical support to communities. This has helped us to equip and nurture the Uganda’s youth, woman and people with disabilities (PWDs) while using innovative entrepreneurship skills to create jobs in environmental protection leading to sustainable societies and economies.

Core Values

  • Innovation
  • Teamwork and honesty
  • Creating value
  • Mutual Benefit
  • Quality

A clean, healthy, eco-friendly and green protected environment supporting sustainable societies and economies.

To provide alternative and user-friendly green energy solutions that will reduce indoor air pollution, lessen carbo emissions and reduce deforestation.

1. Elsmat conservation technologies, a Ugandan based business that develops and distributes cost effective energy saving products.

2. Elsmat conservation Technologies endeavors to fight poverty, waste management and climate change.

3. Elsmat conservation Technologies produces and sells briquettes, stoves and fire starters primarily used for cooking in and around western uganda.

4. Elsmat conservation Technologies provides revolutionary energy, waste and fertilizer solutions for households, schools, poultry farms, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, prisons and commercial buildings.

5. Elsmat conservation technologies carries out entrepreneurship hands on training and skilling, fabrication of briquettes machines, solar drier construction, biogas installation, consultation and other renewable energy solutions.

6. Elsmat conservation Technologies ensures safety & healthy to children & women by providing environmental friendly, energy saving, durable, cost effective, affordable and sustainable products for day to day life.

Elsmat conservation Technologies Limited conducts researches and develops appropriate clean cooking technologies that suit households, enterprises and schools because of their high energy needs with an aim of reducing indoor air pollution from wood and wood charcoal that has escalated deforestation leading to environmental degradation and climate change.

Home deliveries are made in both urban and rural areas to bring convenience and averting the common practice where pupils are obliged or being sent to collect the wood in the nearby forests instead of attending classes which had also increased rape and defilement from strangers.

Elsmat Objectives

  • . To prevent deforestation by leading the transition of households, enterprises and schools to a green, eco-friendly, safe, clean, convenient and smoke free energy saving solutions from available agricultural wastes that averts negative effects of climatic change.

  • . To promote a forestation programmes by directly being involved in making nursery beds of tree seedlings, voluntarily distributing them and giving technical support to communities.

  • • To create decent income generating opportunities for youth and women from slums and rural farming communities by nurturing and equipping them with hands on entrepreneurial skills in production, marketing and selling of clean energy saving cook stoves and carbonized charcoal briquettes to ensure a sustainable society.

  • • To reduce indoor air pollution (AIP) from wood and wood charcoal which in turn will reduce the health risks and increase the life expectancy of the entire population.

  • • To lessen overall carbon emission by using briquettes, and creating a cleaner, healthier atmosphere.

Our Clients

We are blessed with a number of great clients who among others include;









Elsmat Services

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Our Products

We make products and delivery them with best services to out clients. Our products include;

These are products made out of locally available agricultural and municipal wastes, Our aim is to produce High Quality briquettes that;
• Burns longer and saves more than 50% compared to ordinary charcoal.
• They are Smoke free and burns with blue flames
• Safe and clean
• Affordable
• Easy to use and convenient
• Environmental friendly
These are clean, durable, eco-friendly energy saving stoves made out of scrap iron sheets and quality ceramic liners. They are customized into three different sizes depending on the need of customers and family size.
These are stoves made purposely for poultry brooders. These have a mesh that protects the birds from burns, are eco-friendly and energy saving.
These start fire easily, burns for 8-12 minutes, clean and environmentally safe, smart and smoke free,

Our Team

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Elsmat conservation technologies (u) ltd


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